Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball is the perfect sport to get fit and make new friends.

Beach volleyball is competitive, athletic and a great way to have fun and get fit in a social environment.

Beach VolleyballIt is a game that everyone can play! At Albion Indoor Sports we offer the most social version of beach volleyball, Beach 4’s, two nights of the week.

We have unique, state of the art beach volleyball courts.

Let the beach come to you… played on sand, beach volleyball is the perfect low impact sport, and it will make you feel like it is summer all year long!

Played inside a netted sand court, the rules are slightly modified to ensure that individuals can’t dominate and everyone gets a fair turn of the ball. The ball is always in play, making it fast and fun. It is a great sport for social family, friends and work teams!

Teams are welcome and encouraged to join the competition at any time during the season.

 4 x 4 Beach Volleyball

Beach fours is a social version of the competitive pairs beach volleyball. With beach 4’s you are allowed to have all girls, all boys or mix it up. Maximum of 4 people on the court at one time. Players may swap or rotate on every service change. Beach fours is a fun way to learn beach volleyball and also get fit.


  • Monday : Open / Social
  • Tuesday : Open / Social
  • Wednesday : Open / Social
  • Thursday : Open / Social

Game Fees: $52 per game

We have 104 onsite car parks and additional street parking for our clients.
At no time are vehicles allowed to park in the adjacent business area on the corner of Burdett St and Lever St.