Indoor Netball



“We have been playing indoor netball with the guys from Brisbane Indoor Sports since the West End days, they continue to consistently run the best indoor netball competition in Brisbane! Fun, social, fast and fair… we love it!”
- Team Phoenix

Indoor Netball Brisbane

Indoor Netball is one of the fastest and most popular indoor sports in Brisbane. Albion Indoor Sports caters for beginners right through to experienced players in Ladies and Mixed netball. With almost 200 teams playing with us we can find a grade that is perfect for you and your team!

We have 104 onsite car parks and additional street parking for our clients.
At no time are vehicles allowed to park in the adjacent business area on the corner of Burdett St.and Lever St.


Are you an indoor netball pro? Super league is a competition run by the Indoor Netball Federation of Queensland where indoor netball centres come together to compete against each other to determine the Champion centre of the state! It is a great way to develope your skills, meet like minded serious net ballers and be a part of the action! If you want to be a part of the Albion Allstars, please contact the centre on (07) 3262 6766. Find out more information here! 

The Game

Indoor netball is a modified version of full court netball, played on synthetic grass and a netted court.

The rules are very similar to the rules of outdoor netball, with some slight variations to make the game faster and more fun!

Teams consist of 7 players and mixed netball teams can have no more than three males. Up to three subs are allowed, and can be changed at half time or when there is an injury. Games run for 2 x 20 minute halves.

The ball is always live except when a goal is scored and at half time. There is no out of bounds, with the nets making the game faster and more strategic.

Our Courts

Our courts are extra large, and very similar to the size of an outdoor netball court. Our court size is 11 mtr x 30 mtr, . More room = more action.

We have state of the art scoreboards, and both our netting and court surface have been selected to minimise injury and ensure maximum comfort for players.


Our umpires are all selected for their professionalism and their ability to keep social games fun and lighthearted.

To apply as an umpire, please contact the centre on (07) 3262 6766.

Game Fees

Match fees are $112.00 per team per game. Match fees must be paid in full regardless of of the number of players. Teams can pay upfront at the beginning of the season to take away the stress of paying weekly..

We hope to see you on the court soon!

Game Details

  • No’s per team: 7 plus 3 reserves
  • Game duration: 2 x 20 minute halves
  • Grades: Ladies / Mixed (must have 2 or 3 males) (Mon – Thurs)
  • Cost per game: $112.00
  • Insurance fee: $112.00 (per team)
  • Nights played: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs (6 pm-9.45 pm)