Indoor Soccer


Brisbane Indoor Soccer

Indoor Soccer 5 a side is played on a double court with a futsal ball.

Non stop action game encourages players to increase team foot skills, you have to work as a team out there to be good.

Fast, action, The double court means that you can spread the ball wide.

Developed in 1992 based on the traditional game of soccer, but adapted for the indoor environment. The rules of this particular version of indoor soccer were originally developed by the team at Albion Indoor Sports, and have since been widely adopted throughout Australia.

Play with the team who first invented the game!

We cater for the social, and the elite, mixed, mens and ladies, open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday

Our Courts

The facility provides for a larger expanse, with double courts the ball can be spread wider.

As opposed to the single court soccer, our courts are double the size allowing for the development of greater team skills.


Our referees we take pride in the highest quality of refereeing to ensure that players safety is maintained at all times. All of our referees are accredited outdoor soccer referees and have had experience with all forms of the game.

Our referees are geared to make sure of safety on court, minimising injury. They are accredited outdoor soccer referees and have had experience in all forms of the game.


Not required, colours are supplied free

Game Fees

Game fees are $98.00 per game and $86.00 per game on Sundays.

40 minute games.

We have 104 onsite car parks and additional street parking for our clients.
At no time are vehicles allowed to park in the adjacent business area on the corner of Burdett St. and Lever St.